Graham Group works with your business to ensure everything you need to drive the financial performance of your business is in place. We want you to have the right people and processes in place to serve you now and also to accommodate future growth. We also want you to have access to the right tools and data to focus on key drivers of financial success, monitor the financial health of your business and make the best, most well-informed decisions possible.

We can help you with:

Productivity and Profitability Assessment

Every business has assets, staff members or departments that are not as productive as they could be and every business has opportunities to improve profits. Where are your productivity "black holes" and where are your opportunities to improve? If left unaddressed, how much will they take away from your bottom line every year? Are you focused on the key drivers of financial success in your business? We help you identify the conditions that are holding your company back from achieving its full potential.

Productivity and Profitability Improvement

It is one thing to know what is holding you back, it’s another thing to do something about it. Knowing what to hold employees accountable for and then doing it is not easy. We help business owners make the changes necessary to go from awareness to action, delivering clear and measurable results in productivity and profit.

Process Improvement

As your business grows, things that didn't require formal processes in the past, now do. Adding a little formality and structure does not have to be the "kiss of death" to an innovative business. Keeping it simple and focusing on the key drivers of your business will make your team more efficient and effective. In fact, creating simple, standardized ways of communicating and responding to results often frees up time to concentrate on serving your customers better.

Finance and Accounting Strategy

Your business is growing, but do you have the infrastructure to keep up? We help you build the foundation to keep growth on track. Having the right people and the right systems doing the right thing can make all the difference. What tasks should be done internally? Which ones should be out-sourced? We can help with these decisions.

One-on-One Coaching

Every small business is a unique entity and reflects – at least in part - the people who founded and run them. We recognize the human element in making businesses better. We work with owners, managers and key staff members one on one to help them better handle their day to day responsibilities. We play off their strengths, develop strategies to address their weaknesses, and coach your team through the adoption of new processes in a way that works for them.